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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

 So, it's 2007! I'd like to blame my long break between posting on a wrist injury I suffered last year, but it was pretty recent, and the break in postings was at least in part due to laziness.
I just saw the teaser/trailer to the second Fantastic Four film, 'The Rise of the Silver Surfer", and it looks VERY cool! The Surfer was, in the comics, the herald, or advance scout, for the world-devouring Galactus, whose next menu item was the Earth. Sufer, who had once been a human-type alien, couldn't bring himself to allow the Earth to be destroyed once he met some human folk, and he and the FF found Galactus a vegetarian (uninhabited planet) substitute. For his insubordination, the Surfer was exiled to Earth, where he would be available to Marvel writers for guest starring in various comics.
Galactus would set his sights on the Earth many times over the years, but Reed Richsrds finally pointed out in an issue of FF that Galactus was really only fulfilling his assigned role in the universal food chain, and wasn't good nor evil. Strangely, Marvel treated differently its similarly driven X-Men associated Phoenix foce, which had to be destroyed each time she appeared. I wonder if the fact that Galctsu is male and Phoenix female could be considered as having contributed to any eating disorders?
Both of the 'big two' comics companies supposedly retooled their universes in 2006. IN a poorly-veiled rant about the current administration's Patriot Act, Marvel has depicted a world in which all their costumed characters must register with the U.S. government or become fugitives/outlaws. I highly doubt that any of these issues will stand the test of time, and look forward to seeing them in a bargain bin where they belong.
DC, meanwhile, decided to stop trying to explain their new, combined, one universe, after several years, and now have given us...I'm not sure what. They killed off their licensing-challenged Superboy, and are attempting to offer more 'diverse' superheroes (both Batwoman and Catwoman are now lesbians! Whee!), possible with the intent of having the 'D' in DC stand for "Diversity", but the actual 'big' change is underwhelming. I guess they are acknowledging that after twenty-odd years of writing multiple Earths that just stating that there had always been only one Earth/one dimension was too confusing with a bunch of characters whose entire histories had been tied to no-longer-existing-worlds running around.
TV has been more entertaining, however. My love affair with all things FX has waned since 'Nip/Tuck' and 'Rescue Me' became more interested in shocking viewers than in decent plots. And 'Lost' lost me some time ago. I still watch when it's on, but it's more of a chore than a pleasure. 'Smallville' has bugged me for a long time, especially with the introduction of Lois Lane pre-Metropolis. If I were not a fan of the comics' Superman, I think I'd find the series more enjoyable, but the introduction this past season of the Green Arrow has been especially cool, and the upcoming Smallville version of a 'Justice League' should be fun.
Added to my 'must-see' list are : 'Grey's Anatomy', 'Prison Break', 'Heroes', 'Friday Night Lights', 'The Closer', 'Medium', and 'Supernatural'. Also love "The Soup', "The Venture Brothers',and am looking forward to the new season of '24'.
    That's it for now. Happy New Year!

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