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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fat chance that there will be a different Surgeon General than El Presidente Obama's choice, Regina Benjamin. Despite criticism about her weight (, we just no longer live in a nation of checks and balances, by our own choosing. I get that the opposition parties haven't provided much in the way of an alternative, but that doesn't mean there should be NO choices ever. Look at my old home state of

Minnesota, and compare them to the Iranians. In both cases a clown stole an election, but at least the Iranians

protested! It's a shame freedom and the vote mean so little to Americans.

But, back to the weight issue. I've been seeeing PSAs bemoaning the fact that one in eight Americans struggle with hunger. ssuming the statistics don't point to teenage girls on diets, what are we to make of the parallel stats that claim that we are a nation overrun with obesity? Surely both cannot be a problem at the same time? Or, at the very least, not a problem that requires a Big Government Solution. Still, Beyonce has offered to help feed the 'one in eight', though I fear she may have confused prepared food with breast feeding.

El Presidente Obama apparently is attemptng to distance himself ( d=CNG.3accf76695529d0ed9d3824c1cc629f1.a11&show_article=1) from the healthcare debacle, which means Socialized Medicine might be in trouble. He claims "This isn't about me", which can only mean he sees it going down in flames and doesn't wish to have his popularity eroded by entanglement with a losing cause. But how can Socialized Medicine fail in One Party Monarchy? That's the type of mismanagement that only Republicans used to

be capable of accomplishing.

On an international front, failed housewife and now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is claiming that, despite her broken elbow (broken bones rampant among women involved in Obama's circle it seems; note Sotomayor), that she has been deeply involved in international events recently, prior to issuing yet another apology on our nation's behalf in India. Hillary should know about empty apologies, given her marital history, but do we REALLY want to rely on

HER judgement when assessing international allies or foes? Her track record in being lied to speaks for itself. I know the Demokrats owed her for giving the nation El Presidente Obama, but couldn't they have given her another post? Is Marital Czar still open?

So, despite conspiracy theories to the contrary, we apparently landed on the moon in 1969, since we've been celebrating the event this past week. I looked up two of my favorite series, both British, involving moonbases. They were U.F.O., which was shown in Minnesota on Saturdays, and which I missed a lot, because it was shown on Saturdays, and Space:1999, which was shown in primetime and involved ex-Mission:Impossible actors Martin Landau and Barbara Bain. They were pretty cool series in retrospect. Not up to today's standards in production values or special effects (the production companies got their start with marionettes!), but still fairly decent stories, and barely the carnage of, say, Torchwood.

In moving files between computers, I've been finding model pics, and this time around it's Kerry Degman, who has been ubiquitous for the past year or so:
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