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Friday, August 14, 2009

In attempting to get into better shape, I've been playing around with the rings and chin-up bars at the park lately. A truly humbling experience to pull the carcass off the Earth repeatedly. Then, again, it was only a few years back (1999) that I couldn't make it out of my hospital bed, so it's all relative. I couldn't even have DREAMED back then of setting goals like I can today!
Speaking of goals, Hillary Clinton is apparently wrapping up her Africa trip, after dissing our electoral process in America, using as an example Bush V Gore in 2000. I know she's been out of the country for a while now, but wouldn't Al Franken's hijacking of the electoral process in Minnesota have been a more recent (and more factual) example? Or, say, her own attempt at circumventing the Constitutional term limits on a President by running herself as a candidate in the last Presidential election? Considering that President Obama probably has NO desire to have Hillary back in this country under most circumstances, and especially when Nationalized Healthcare is being hotly debated, one wonders where Herself's next trip will take her? Upper Slobovia? The Moon? Oz? Can't wait to find out! (And neither probably can Bill.

I've watched the last few seasons of "So You Think You Can Dance", and this last season they set up the NEXT season with a couple of auditions by dancers who were not quite ready yet, or disqualified by virtue of age, from competing in THAT season, but were encouraged to return. Nathan Trasoras was too young at the time of season 5 auditions to compete was offered a spot next time around. He is AMAZING! As seen here:

Fluid moves combined with strength. I can't wait for season 6!
Since it's the weekend, what the hey, more models!
First, Dominick Francisco from Red Models

I think he may have potential...Then there's Anthony Baldwin, no relation to the OTHER Baldwin clan so far as I know, from Nous Models

Most recently Anthony was featured in Fantastic Mag Jump on in to Yotam Solomon's designs.
Exclusive photography by Stephane Marquet and Aleksandar Tomovic.
Models ~ Natalia & Anthony @ nous.

Certainly IS summer, isn't it?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gosh WISH I looked like this when I run!! It's actually Select model Bruno Babolin, as seen in the latest Upstreet mag, shot by Lawrence James Thomas. Some other shots here:

and a strangely soundless video:

My current fave video is of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, having been asked about her husband (or the current Prez, depending upon the source):

She ran for President based upon her experience as First Lady, and NOW she's all "don't ask me about Bill"? Um, sure. Speaking of female counterparts of more popular males, it's Wednesday Comics' latest installment of Metamorpho, and Element Girl's back again!

I wish I'd caught the original series back in the Silver Age!

Other female counterpart Supergirl continues possibly the cutest strip, featuring Krypto and Streaky! Obviously artist Amanda Conner is having fun, and so am I!

Who else is back this week? SUPERBOY! AKA Kon-El and Conner Kent! Featured in Adventure, he also gets a 'Who's Who" section in Superman Files.

Conner's just cool! Also cool? New Nous model David Filipiak, seen here:
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