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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So I'm moving files from one computer to another, and I run across the AWESOME model Ryan Paevey! Eyes, hair, and physique are perfect. Here are a few examples:

It's Wednesday, which means it's another installment of Wednesday Comics, and my favorite strip from the collection (they're all good, really!): Metamorpho,the Element Man! The adventurers are further into their mission, and Simon Stagg is coming on to Element Girl, much to Sapphire's dismay!

Java, neanderthal that he is, is not one to miss an opportunity:

I found this gem the other day: the theme song for Metamorpho!!!

Aquaman gives Supergirl a lesson as to how his powers work, and why he isn't someone to turn to for help:

Spoiler alert!!!!!
No, really, the new Batgirl is revealed in issue one of that book, and it's Stephanie Brown, who used to be The Spoiler!

I still remember the Batgirl from the sixties TV show. I did this video last year:

Lois Lane is a bitch! There. I said it. Sure, Supergirl killed Lois' sister, Lucy, but it was self-defense, and Lucy was masquerading a Kryptonian Superwoman! And she was a killer! Supergirl's the eighteen year old cousin of Lois' husband. She could cut her some slack.

The Black Lantern Event in the DCU books continues. I haven't been really keeping up, but I couldn't resist the Superman chapter. Smallville is attacked by the Earth 2 Superman and Lois revived corpses, and it looks as if Supergirl will have an unwelcome reunion with her father. Good stuff so far.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Believe it or not, both of these houses, one modern, the other classic and almost from another era altogether are separated by one house along the route I run each day!They are each amazing in their own way, and I always wanted to get pics of them, but since I only see them when I run past, I never have a camera handy. Changed that this week, though I think I could have timed the lighting a bit better.

Speaking of photographers, here are some new digitals from Nous

...of David Filipiak, whom we've posted pics of previously. He recently was shot by excellent photographer Jeff Slater in the amazing sets sampled here:

Tomorrow, Wednesday Comics!google3ec8c41aabe01712.html
A quick update on two of Idle's favorite models! First, Nick Riback, from Oh La La Mag, by photographer Joseph Bleu:

and some shots of Anthony Baldwin:

Always excited to see some faves getting more exposure!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kerry Degman vs. Chad White by Joe Lally! Full editorial here:Contributing Editor
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