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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Some post-holiday revisiting as we close out November! Adam C. Phebus, previously seen for Timoteo here did some more Timoteo shot by Tom Cullis The results are impressive.

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And from America Eagle Outfitters Blog we have some behind the scenes shots of Marlon Teixeira from this campaign:
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Northstar from Marvel Comics is one of my favorite underused characters for a number of reasons. He and his twin sister Aurora were created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne as a part of the group Alpha Flight, a Canadian superteam designed to go up against the X-Men of that time. Eventually, they proved popular enough to warrant their own book, which Byrne wrote and drew without Claremont.

In Alpha Flight Byrne fleshed out the members of the group, and Jean-Paul Beaubier, previously only noted for having been a professional skier, had hints given of both a terrorist background and a gay personal life, making Northstar Marvel's first almost-out gay male hero. His sister, Jeanne-Marie, from whom he was separated as an infant, had an abused childhood, and wound up with a split personality, where "Aurora" wasn't just a costume and code name, but an actual separate personality from the school teacher Jeanne-Marie. Before Byrne left the book, he set up a situation whereby Aurora could be seen as 'cured' by the next writer, but no new writer ever took him up on it, nor referred back to the scene (a group of Flighters were trapped in the Shaman's pouch, noted for its ability to drive a rational person insane upon seeing inside, and only Aurora was conscious while within. She spoke no dialogue upon exiting.)

Northstar and Aurora are both capable of superspeed, both in flight, and, though rarely depicted, running, as with other comic book speedsters, such as Flash, Quicksilver, Impulse, etc. They also share a light-emitting power, which, on occasion, each has been capable of producing individually. It depends on the needs of the story and the writer. Currently, Northstar is fully 'out' and a member of the X-Men (though appearing mostly as a background character), and Aurora is varyng degrees of crazy, and I belive unaffiliated. There is also a younger set of twins, from an earlier timeline (don't ask) running around, though no one has utilized them since the cancellation of that run of Alpha Flight. While most writers only use Northstar sparingly, and see his sexual orientation as his main characteristic, Jean-Paul's been a devoted sibling, a writer, a teacher, and a professional skier (though the ethical nature of whether his powers contributed to his success and whether that was right or wrong has not been fully explored), as well as having a shady history as a part of a Quebec-based separatist movement, make him a character whose potential is yet to be realized.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kerry Degman in a Behind The lens for the underwear portion of the Fall 2009 campaign:
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It's Thanksgiving! Some things that happened recently provided a stark contrast between where I am now and where I was some time back, and I KNOW so many things that I am grateful for. Life is pretty good.
Adam Phebus was just posted here , and Idle ran across these pics from a Timoteo Runway Show for non-profit Bienestar. (Photography by

Adam is mostly known foe underwear modeling, but he DOES wear clothes occasionally, and here is proof:

In the last of this week's comics, we have a continuation of the Madame Xanadu storyline from the Fifties, with Madame X meeting the Martian Manhunter in his human guise of Detective John Jones, as well as a reunion with her sister, Morgaine Le Fay:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I previously stated that I was in favor of the proposed Shazam/Supergirl romance, so, while much of this week's Justice League: Cry For Justice #5 was intriguing, the 'romance', while showcased on the cover, was non-existent, the characters relegated to one group shot, a two word exchange, and the obligatory finale that looks like the usual comic book mind control, or the quickest break-up in history!

On a positive note, the issue features a two-page origin and history for Freddy Freeman!
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The image of the Justice League and Justice Society sharing a Thanksgiving holiday is from an older issue of JSA, but has been reproduced in recent comics on DC's editorial page. This week we got a bad vibe from Justice League of America #39, as early diversity-friendly character Vibe returned as a Black Lantern:

Also returning in the same issue? Zatara, father of Zatanna. To Zee's credit, she does not freak out much over the emotional connection, and gets right down to battling the menace!

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