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Saturday, December 12, 2009

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Greg Kheel just in at Major Models! Like Frankie Fallica, Greg used to be at Red, but I hadn't seen much of him lately. Hopefully the move will do him some good!

Scott Herman posted this pic of Captain America on his Facebook page from New Avengers Annual #3, and I have to admit, it looks enough like Scott that it really can't be just a coincidence! Where's that movie contract?
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I'm still wondering what Marvel's going to do with the still-popular Bucky, though?

Friday, December 11, 2009

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I actually watch "Gossip Girl" from time to time. I went to school in New York with some extremely privileged kids from some extremely wealthy families, and, yes, the rich ARE different. Some were even incredibly attractive. As attractive as Chace Crawford's Nate Archibald? Probably. But they weren't photographed by Tony Duran for WWD Beauty Biz, as Mr. Crawford is in these shots from Just Jared:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

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Check out the "Make your own fashion show" at Ralph Lauren Rugby!
It's fun, and features Kerry Degman, among others.

It is looking a lot like Christmas!
And Major Models Blog delivers these Holiday presents:
Ryan Daharsh by Gregory Vaughan, from Major Models:
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and Aaron O'Connell by Samuel Zakuto from Major Models:
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So, it was 62 degrees yesterday, and I got to pass by some Buckhead Holiday decorating...and it's 34 degrees this morning, and I'm typing this! Not too much change in the weather in one day!
Picked up a couple of this week's comics, and LOVED this page from Batgirl #5 for Steph's reaction alone:

The girl brings the snark!
Adventure #5 features a reunion between Kon and his DNA donor, Lex Luthor and a reveal about his neighbor, but it also reminds me of what we'll miss when Superboy no longer has a feature of his own, the scene where he's just hanging out with Krypto. None of the other Supers does that, and if Kon is shoehorned into a group book, or becomes a supporting character in Superman or Action, there'll be no room for such a scene.

We have two more pics of Justin Nitenson from Red

a new campaign for Marlon Teixeira for January’s W Magazine, retro styled by Alex White for Knoepfel & Indlekofer by way of

and a few more of the "Boot Camp" edit featuring Kerry, Chad, et al by way of Frillr:

and anyone who didn't see the season finale to "Glee" last night, try to find it! It was a great way to end things leaving one wanting more, but tying up a few loose ends as well.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

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Just watched last week's "Friday Night Lights", and if any episode knocked it out of the ballpark, it was that one! Just an amazing hour of television, and some of the best performances ever! Zach Guilford as Matt Saracen owned the hour, though. Just 'wow'.
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YVY Mag just posted pics of Craig Malozzi by Kristopher Kelly:
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These folks are definitely in the holiday mood! It's more than I would do, but I would imagine a kid would be fascinated by all of it (especially as most are in motion!)
Just some updating here on some pics that I randomly picked up, like this one of Aaron O'Connell from Nous
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Mario Loncarski from Wiener Models:
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Kerry Degman from Armani Exchange:

Travis Hanson from Andrey's World:

And some Justin Nitenson from Ecstetic Men:
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