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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Colton Haynes_Teen Wolf Season 1_Episode 8!

Colton Haynes in the eighth episode of MTV's first season of 'Teen Wolf'!

Thoughts On The Passing Of Amy Winehouse

Today Amy Winehouse passed away. The last report I read said that the cause of death was uncertain, and that may no longer be true. I went for my usual run this evening, and noticed that Amy's music is quite a large part of what I listen to when I run. It got me thinking about what else we had in common: multiple attempts to get clean. I'm 10 years clean and sober, but it took multiple 'bottoms' before I hit the point of no return. I recall sitting in AA meetings hearing people who had hit 'bottom' when their boyfriends threatened to break up with them and thinking 'WTF?', as if they'd actually experienced anything. Now I realize how lucky they were to have a crisis over something so manageable! I don't know anything about Amy Winehouse's personal struggle, but I do know addiction, and the hold it places on you. I'm sad that someone so talented died so young. I am thankful to be alive, to have had multiple chances to get it right, and to have Amy's music to listen to while doing so.

Colton Haynes_Teen Wolf_Season 1 Episode 7

Friday, July 22, 2011

Joe Locicero For International Jock:Part 1!

Model Joe Locicero poses in several styles for International Jock!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Caesar Stovall At Red!

Red model Caesar Stovall is one half of's Daily Duo today! He is from South Carolina, and has spent time on the frontline in Iraq and Afghanistan with the US military as a combat medic.

Digital Ben Stone!

Soul Artist Management model Ben Stone's digitals.

Sam Lawson For Coitus!

Model Sam Lawson is one of the cover guys for the third issue of Coitus magazine!

Antonio Vizcaino By Greg Vaughan!

Soul Artist Management model Antonio Vizcaino is photographed by Greg Vaughan!

Caleb Halstead For Armani Exchange Online Catalog!

Caleb Halstead models a variety of shirts for Armani Exchange's online catalog!

Jesse Metcalfe Out & About!

Soon to be featured in the remake of classic television series 'Dallas' for TNT, Jesse Metcalfe is photographed walking with a friend in Venice, California! (Source:Just Jared)

James Guardino At Soul Artist Management!

James Guardino stops by Soul Artist Management!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sven By Sam Scott Schiavo!

Photographer Sam Scott Schiavo presents Wam model Sven!

Harry Goodwins For Zegna Sport!

Harry Goodwins photographed by Dave Sims for Zegna Sport! (Source:Simply Male Models)

Andre Condit By Richard Pier Petit!

Andre Condit photographed by Richard Pier Petit!

Alex Loomans At Elmer Olsen!

Elmer Olsen model Alex Loomans helps out with their 'Bootcamp2Bigtime'!

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