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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Seth Kuhlmann By Richard Phibbs!

Seth Kuhlmann is photographed by Richard Phibbs for Vanity Fair!(Source:The Fashion Spot)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Bruno Piedade New At Major!

Major models introduces Bruno Piedade!

Marlon Teixeira For Diesel Fuel For Life!

Marlon Teixeira during his Diesel Fuel For Life Campaign, from The Fashion Spot!

Marcel Glaser By John Tan!

Photographer John Tan captures both images and an interview with Adam model Marcel Glaser! The interview is here. Enjoy.

Anthony Greenfield Update!

Major models update on Anthony Greenfield!

Jesse Metcalfe By John Russo!

Actor Jesse Metcalfe photographed by John Russo! (Source:Jesse Metcalfe Online)

Deadman Coming To The CW?

Eric Kripke, creator of the CW's 'Supernatural, is bringing DC Comics' Deadman to life for the channel, according to Newsarama.In the comics, Boston Brand originally was a trapeze artist calling himself Deadman who was killed and then spent his ghostly existence searching for his killer, possessing the bodies of the living along the way. Having succeeded eventually in avenging his death, his story was continued by having him help other souls achieve closure.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

More Bo Roberts For MensUnderwearStore!

Bo Roberts models several styles for MensUnderwearStore!

Superboy In Teen Titans #100!

Artist Nicola Scott returned for issue #100, the final issue of the Teen Titans current run before September's company-wide relaunch of DC Comics' titles, joining writer JT Krul! We get our last look at many current and past Titans members as they go up against Superboy Prime's team of antagonists, with the final blows being struck by Conner(Superboy)Kent and his sort of cousin Supergirl!

The Els find a seemingly appropriate 'prison' for Prime and head back to Earth.

There are problems with the story, not the least of which is the de-powering of Prime, but, really, it doesn't matter, as the current DCU will no longer exist after this. I've been impressed with Nicola Scott's artwork, and was happy to see her take on so many characters, as well as giving us one last look at Conner, who looked great in this series. Next month DC relaunches Teen Titans under Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth, with several characters returning, though changed due to editorial mandates. So, farewell, Titans, and thank you Mr. Krul and Ms. Scott for an enjoyable ride!

Chris Petersen By Tyler Adams!

Chris Petersen photographed by Tyler Adams! (Source: The Fashionisto)

Marcel Glaser At Adam!

Polaroids of Adam model Marcel Glaser!

Marlon Teixeira By Tavinho Costa!

Marlon Teixeira photographed by Tavinho Costa! (Source:The Fashion Spot)

Florence + The Machine_What The Water Gave Me!

New stuff by Florence + The Machine:"What The Water Gave Me".

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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