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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Digital Degman L.A.!

Kerry Degman digitals for L.A.Models! (Source:kerrydegmanfan.tumblr)

Catwoman & Batman On The Set Of Dark Knight Rises!

On the set of 'The Dark Knight Rises" Christian Bale returns to his Batman costume, while Anne Hathaway dons the full Catwoman outfit! (Source:Just Jared)

Chris Fawcett By Nicolas Guerin!

Preview pic of Chris Fawcett with Diana Tor photographed by Nicolas Guerin for October's Fiasco magazine!

Anthony Dylan By Jeff Slater!

Jeff Slater photographs Vision LA model Anthony Dylan!

Anthony Dylan By Josh Williams!

Vision LA model Anthony Dylan photographed by Josh Williams!

Filip Gustavsson By Justin Violini!

Filip Gustavsson photographed by Justin Violini!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Digital Jason Van Oijen!

Nous model Jason Van Oijen digitals!

Rob Evans Interview Part Two!

Part two of Major model Rob Evans' interview with Models Web TV

Rob Evans By Nikolai De Vera!

Major model Rob Evans photographed by Nikolai De Vera for The Fashionisto!

Travis Hanson By Michael Stratton!

Soul Artist Management model Travis Hanson photographed by Michael Stratton!(Source:Homotography)

Bat Boys!

In Batman #1, writer Scott Snyder (with artist Greg Capullo) addresses in the above panel the current make-up of the 'Bat Family', at least concerning the various Robins, as Bruce Wayne and his proteges get ready for a Gotham City event. Mr. Snyder set up a nice murder mystery in the issue, possiby involving one of the guys pictured, as well as Bruce/Batman's more optimistic outlook going forward and his continued reliance upon supporting characters Alfred Pennyworth and Commissioner Gordon.

Cheyne Oglesby For Nautica!

Model Cheyne Oglesby for Nautica Lookbook Fall 2011!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nightwing #1!

In Nightwing #1 by Kyle Higgins and Eddy Barrows from DC Comics, we get a look at Dick(Nightwing)Grayson's new digs, as well as some background on his time as both the first Robin and more recently the replacement Batman by way of his inner monologue. With all that out of the way, it comes time for Dick to visit Haley's Circus, currently in Gotham City, and the home/employer of The Flying Graysons, his family's trapeze act which tragically ended in his parents' deaths and his costumed career as Batman's protege.
We can assume that Raya and Marc are the current version of the Flying Graysons at Haley's, and they urge Dick to test out his skills:
 Which he does, though he's careful not to be too good so as to avoid comparisons with Gotham's resident acrobat/costumed hero:
On his way home from the circus Dick is attacked, but manages to get away momentarily when the police intervene:

Returning to the fight as Nightwing (unfortunately too late for the cops) Dick tries to not only defeat the attacker but to find out why Dick Grayson is a target:
Unsuccessful on both fronts, Dick's first new venture as Nightwing ends on a cliffhanger:
This was a great start! Moreso than almost any other DC book being relaunched, Nightwing doesn't carry much continuity that needs to be revised nor explained in too much detail. He was a circus kid. His parents were killed. This was witnessed by The Batman who trained him as the first Robin. He grew up and out of the Robin role, becoming Nightwing. Both the circus and the Robin history are important parts of who he is now. Looking forward to more of this.

Josh Bowman Takes Revenge!

Josh Bowman debuts tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC in the series "Revenge", while ABC Family has renewed his other series "Make It Or Break It" for another season. While his character Max on that show is not one of the main stars, Max's reveal of his bisexuality was one of the more interesting moments of the last season, and offered some interesting new storylines. (Photos:Just Jared)

Brett Reeves By Brian Jankic!

Vision model Brett Reeves photographed by Brian Jankic for British GQ Style!

David Gandy & Isaac Weber For Anson's!

Anson's Fall/Winter campaign "The New York Cool" includes top model David Gandy (above) and Idle fave Isaac Weber(below)!

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