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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Chad White Model Wall Video!

Chad White video for FTAPEs Model Wall!

Diego Miguel For Made In Brazil #5!

Diego Miguel photographed by Marcelo Krasilcic for issue 5 of Made In Brazil magazine!

Ryan Bertroche Takes A Walk In His Undies!

Ryan Bertroche for Men's Underwear Store!

Friday, June 01, 2012

Cole Horibe Auditions For So You Think You Can Dance!

We're into the ninth season of 'So You Think You Can Dance', and it's audition time! This season one of the more impressive guys for me is Cole Horibe! Mixing martial arts training with dance, where he appears to have experience in a variety of areas, Cole gave a mesmerizing audition, and is headed to Las Vegas! Hopefully we'll see him make the final cut and compete this season!

Chad White By Andrew Weir!

Chad White photographed by Andrew Weir!

Billy Morgan By Joseph Gray!

Billy Morgan photographed by Joseph Gray!

More Kevin Freed By Joseph Gray!

More Kevin Freed photographed by Joseph Gray!

Tommy Herd For Cover Male!

Tommy Herd for Cover Male! (Source:XY Spotted)

DC Confirms Gay Lantern!

DC Comics' James Robinson confirms that it is indeed Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, who will be presented in the new 52 as gay in issue #2 of the book Earth 2, by James Robinson and Nicola Scott! Mr. Robinson stated that the loss of Obsidian, a previously gay character who was Alan Scott's son, whose existence would not fit into the 'younger' storyline of the new versions, that prompted the change in his once-father's sexual orientation. In issue #2 we meet Alan's love interest, Samuel:
Alan mentions to Sam that he has something important he wants to talk about, which Sam puts on hold for the moment, causing me to wonder if DC isn't angling for a Big Gay Wedding event to match Marvel and Archie. I seriously hope they don't do that, as Original Recipe Alan was single for quite some time before they married him off. My only disappointment is that Alan fits the trend, particularly with the depiction of gay males, of instant monogamy. We're much more palatable to the general public when portrayed as 'attached', and somewhat neutered sexually. Northstar, over at Marvel, for instance, has never dated. Marvel's Wiccan and Hulking were created as a 'set', as were DC's (formerly Wildstorm's) Midnighter and Apollo. Obsidian dated when he was heterosexual, but was immediately monogamous and looking to adopt once he was written as gay. Kevin Keller got married almost instantly after being introduced, though we are geting a look at his dating life retroactively in his current series. It's not unlike the 1950s Romance Comics, aimed at women, where the aim of each heroine was marriage, except this time the heroine is a gay male. C'mon, Comics! A LITTLE diversity?

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chad White For FTAPE Sneak Peek!

Chad White hits the Model Wall for FTAPE! This is the first image released!

Lucas Gil By Rene Ernst!

Lucas Gil photographed by Rene Ernst! (Source:covermenblog)

Alex Bechet By Thomas Synnamon For Vangardist!

Alex Bechet photographed by Thomas Synnamon for Vangardist magazine! (Source: Morphosis)

Harry Goodwins By Saverio Cardia!

Harry Goodwins photographed by Saverio Cardia for Fiasco! (Source:Morphosis)

Florence + The Machine Spectrum Video!

The video for 'Spectrum' by Florence + The Machine, from the CD 'Ceremonials'! (Source:

Colter Johnson By Scott Hoover!

Nous model Colter Johnson photographed by Scott Hoover!

Adam Senn For Dolce & Gabbana One Sport!

ProMod model Adam Senn in a video teaser for Dolce & Gabbana's The One Sport fragrance! A a demonstration of how to achieve Adam's physique (though there's probably more to it than this):

Greg Remmey By Taku!

Request model Greg Remmey photographed by Taku for Twelv magazine!

Matt Woodhouse By Paul Jasmin!

Matt Woodhouse photographed by Paul Jasmin for Hero magazine! (Source: Homme Model)

Stefano Kuhn!

Stefano Kuhn is one half of today's Daily Duo at!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Aaron 'Connell For Stil Magazine!

Nevs model Aaron O'Connell for Stil Magazine!
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