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Friday, July 27, 2012

London Olympics Begin Tonight!

The Opening Ceremony for the London Olympics begins this evening! I figured it was as good a time as any to post these pics by Arnaldo Anaya Lucca of the Ralph Lauren line for the Olympics, including, among others, swimmer Ryan Lochte!

Igor Augusto For Men's Underwear Store!

Igor Augusto lounging in loungewear between shots for Men's Underwear Store!

Jasper Olthoff By David Brad!

Jasper Olthoff photographed by David Brad! (Source: XY Spotted)

Tomas Skoloudik For Emporio Armani Underwear!

Tomas Skoloudik photographed by Giampaolo Sgura for Emporio Armani Underwear Fall 2012! (Source: The Fashionisto)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Superboy In Teen Titans #11!

Kon takes some time off to get to know his new neighbor in Teen Titans #11.
Though Superboy jumps at the first opportunity to get out of there and join Tim(Red Robin)Drake in checking in on their Titans teammates:
who have been assaulted by Cassie Sandsmark's Wonder Girl armor, which has apparently entrapped Cassie herself:

The nods artist Brett Booth gives the previous versions of Superboy, including the t-shirt and jacket, were a nice touch. Hopefully the Tron suit is gone for good, but I imagine that would be addressed in Kon's own title.Teen Titans is written by Scott Lobdell.

Tomas Skoloudik For Buffalo David Bitton!

Tomas Skoloudik in the video for Buffalo David Bitton Fall/Winter 2012!(Source: Cover Men)

Timothy Hunter In The New DCU!

Timothy Hunter was a key character in the Vertigo books published by DC Comics, but generally exploring a separate universe more supernaturally oriented than the superheroically focused main DCU. Timothy appeared in the four issue miniseries 'The Books Of Magic', which was popular enough to become an ongoing with Hunter as the star. Many Vertigo characters have been integrated into the new universe, and with Justice League Dark #11, it's Timothy's turn. Madame Xanadu gives us his 'new' history:
Madame X and Zatanna were indeed in the original miniseries, but played smaller roles.
But it looks like the Books Of Magic resurfacing in the series will necessitate Hunter getting back in, as Xanadu pays him a visit:
However, there may be a problem:

Timothy is more or less DC's Harry Potter, and it might be fun seeing him interact once again with John Constantine, who, IMO, diminishes all other characters in the series, in that anything they can do, he can do better, and with far less effort (or explanation). Justice League Dark is written by Jeff Lemire and drawn by Mikl Janin!

Maxwell Zagorski By Greg Vaughan!

Maxwell Zagorski photographed by Greg Vaughan! (Source: Male Model Scene)

Marlon Teixeira By Felix Mercedes!

Marlon Teixeira photographed by Felix Mercedes! (Source:Male Model Scene)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Harun Turan Snapshots!

Snapshots of Wiener model Harun Turan!

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