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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Poster For Thor Sequel!

First poster for Thor: The Dark World, the sequel starring Chris Hemsworth from Marvel!

Charlie Shades By Ryan Jerome For Fantasticsmag!

Charlie Shades photographed by Ryan Jerome for Fantasticsmag!

More Ryley L. By Anthony Amadeo!

More Ryley L. photographed by Anthony Amadeo!

Thomas Shepherd By Ivan Cheng!

City model Thomas Shepherd photographed by Ivan Cheng!

André Klitzke For Coca Cola Clothing!

ELO model André Klitzke walking the runway for Coca Cola clothing in Rio!

Jack Vanderhart For GQ Australia!

Nevs model Jack Vanderhart for GQ Australia!

Alexis Rios For Fila 2013!

Major model Alexis Rios for Fila 2013!

Paul Koehler For GQ Jeans Style!

Viva model Paul Koehler for GQ Jeans Style 2013 photographed by Schmidt & Gorges!

Harry Goodwins Video For Essential Homme!

View model Harry Goodwins ina video by Giovanni Squatriti for Essential Homme!

Samuel Trépanier For So Chic Mag!

Promod model Samuel Trépanier for So Chic magazine!

Staz Nair For New Yorker!

Promod model Staz Nair for New Yorker Amisu & Smog Summer Collection 2013!

Friday, April 19, 2013

David Gandy By Lorenzo Agius For ST Magazine!

David Gandy photographed by Lorenzo Agius for ST Magazine!

Kellan Lutz For Op Beachwear!

Kellan Lutz and Katrina Bowden for Op Beachwear! (Source:The Fashionisto)

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