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Saturday, May 04, 2013

The Phantom Stranger Meets Philip Stark!

In Phantom Stranger #8, by Dan Didio, J.M. DeMatteis, and Philip Tan, we get a bit of a revelation about the Stranger's family as he continues a search for them and his soul is captured by something called the 'Sin Eater', who tu out to be someone rather surprising. But first, a trip down memory lane where the Stranger, using the name Joshua meets with Philip Stark and family!
 It seems that it's just a coincidence that Stark looks like the Stranger without the hat and has his initials, and that Stark is secretly a serial killer, which prompts the Stranger's visit:
The Stranger not only survives Stark's attack, but
and then and there he decides to 'be' Philip Stark:

Of course, Philip Stark's soul wasn't going to just disappear entirely, and he became the Sin Eater character. Before the Stranger could confront HIM the Justice League Dark group reunited his soul and body, and he returns once again to finding the wife and kids. The book is so clearly on a path to tie in with a major 'event' called the Trinity War that it's hard to get involved in plots involving the title itself, but this was definitely an interesting twist on the character, and I'm back in. BTW, today is Free Comic Book Day at Comic Book Shops, so if you have one near you stop in and grab a couple. You might get hooked.

Alexander Skarsgård For Man Of The World Magazine!

Alexander Skarsgård photographed by Randall Mesdon for Man Of The World magazine!

Kacey Carrig Man Of The World Mag Pics!

A couple of higher res scans of my own of Kacey Carrig from Man Of The World magazine!

Armani Exchange Video: Color Flash Collection!

The cast of Armani Exchange's Summer 2013 campaign (Marlon Teixeira, Alexander Van Ballear, Miguel Iglesias, Alejandra Alonso and Camila Queiroz) in a video for the Color Flash Collection!

Friday, May 03, 2013

Alexej R!

Wiener model Alexej R. or Roman or Romanov! (Source:FTAPE)

More Adam Kai By Kosmas Pavlos!

More of Wiener model Adam Kai photographed by Kosmas Pavlos!

Diego Miguel By Jimmy Backius!

Diego Miguel photographed by Jimmy Backius! (Source:Made In Brazil)

Tomas Skoloudik by Dean Isidro for Tetu!

Tomas Skoloudik by Dean Isidro for Tetu! (Source: beautyscene)

Yan Kessler by Victor Moscardo for FHM!

Angels & Demons model Yan Kessler by Victor Moscardo for FHM!

Hans Hatt for Faces by Olivier Rauh!

Major Paris model Hans Hatt photographed by Olivier Rauh for Faces.

Kerry Degman New Pics!

New photos of Kerry Degman as he pursues his music career! Check out his music here!

Travis Smith For Hero Magazine!

Travis Smith photographed by James White for Hero Magazine! (

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