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Friday, May 31, 2013

Austin Victoria For The Fashionisto!

Austin Victoria photographed by Eric Hobbs for The Fashionisto!

Greg Kheel For Alberto Spring/Summer 2013!

Promod model Greg Kheel photographed by Thomas Hoefgen for Alberto Spring/Summer 2013!

Jeff Kasser By Ron Reagan!

Chosen model Jeff Kasser photographed by Ron Reagan!

Diego Miguel For Moncler!

Dulcedo model Diego Miguel for Moncler!

Arran Sly For House Of Fraser!

Arran Sly for House of Fraser Lookbook!

Deric Mickens By Hudson Wright!

Soul Artist Management model Deric Mickens photographed by Hudson Wright!

Steve Moriarty By Pat Lee!

Steve Moriarty photographed by Pat Lee!

Kevin Keller #9:Summer Fun!

As with the previous issue, Kevin Keller #9 is a light-hearted entry in the series, more in keeping with traditional Archie series than the overly political tone of the first few issues. It also features the return of Dan Parent as artist as well as writer for the book. In the issue, Kevin gets a lifeguard job alongside his childhood friends Wendy and William, and has to cope with competing love interests Devon and Paul vying for his attention, while still maintaining his duties.
 The annual trip that Kevin usually takes with his father is something Kevin is looking forward to, though it's changed at the last minute:
Kevin's easy-going nature is taken advantage of as Veronica invites herself along, followed by Devon, and, finally, Wendy, whose severe sunburn forces her to give up her lifeguarding gig.
Veronica, who has spent decades as part of a threesome, is particularly oblivious to any alone time Kevin and Devon attempt to grab on the trip:
and both she and Devon are schooled by Wendy (who seems to forget that she invited herself along as well):
Finally arriving at the awards dinner, the gang is moved by Kevin's father's speech:
and Devon is spurred to reconnect with his family (or at least to make an effort):

Not a groundbreaking issue, but sweet and funny in spots. Kevin and his supporting cast are fun to visit, and the overall impact that issues such as this will have is just in presenting Kevin and his relationships as normal. They needn't be impugned nor celebrated; they just are. And that is more culturally impactful than most 'very special' issues that focus on the political issue of the moment.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Matthew Terry For Details Mag!

Ford model Matthew Terry photographed by Milan Vukmirovic for Details Magazine!

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