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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Simon Nessman For Americana Manhasset!

Mode model Simon Nessman in the Fall 2013 Americana Manhasset Campaign!

Kevin Keller #10!

In Kevin Keller #10, Kevin and Devon are meeting at Pop Tate's before Devon takes a trip back home to reconcile with his father:
At this point it becomes important that Veronica notice that Archerie is happening:
and Kevin and Devon kiss good-bye:
which offend a patron of Pop's whom we've  never seen before and should have no interest in:
Notice her daughter not looking happy about her mother's outburst. Pop does what any business owner would do:
and hilarity ensues! The woman is a stand-in for some real life group that objected to the Life With Archie issue cover featuring Kevin's marriage, and writer/artist Dan Parent gives them the full 'Parenting' by having Veronica upload the kiss to YouTube, and having media attention on Kevin and his normal life with his family and friends as opposed to this evil woman with no friends, a slew of gay relatives and a daughter who just wants equality all winding up on what we're told is the Ellen show, where the woman's daughter gets back at her mother for the Pop Tate incident. It's heart warming and sweet.
  Devon returns to Riverdale having his the entire media storm from his father (or so he thinks):
Meanwhile the Riverdale kids burn down the woman's house and roast weenies.

More Chad Reeh By Kevin Hees!

More of Mode model Chad Reeh by Kevin Hees!

The Revenge Of Kathy Kane!

Kathy Kane, AKA The Batwoman, was introduced in the late 1950s as a female counterpart and potential love interest for Batman. Around the same period Vicki Vale was also introduced as Batman's answer to Lois Lane. Kathy had a bit more staying power, eventually adding her niece Betty as a recurring partner Bat-Girl, who showed a great amount of interest in Robin the Boy Wonder. By the early 60s, though, editorial decided that the 50s era science fiction type stories, as well as the Bat Extras like Bathound, Bat-Mite, and Kathy and Betty would be done away with and never mentioned again. When Barbara Gordon debuted as Batgirl to coincide with her character's arrival on the TV series, no one in the comics ever mentioned there having been a female Bat before. Kathy was brought back in the late 70s briefly before being killed off to cause angst to Batman. Then a few years ago Grant Morrison started his run on the Bat books, culminating this past month with Batman Inc #13. During his run, Morrison introduced Kathy Kane once again: He tweaked a bit about her history, making her Kathy Webb, who had married into the Kane family, and inherited her fortune due to her husband;s death. She was also working for an organization called Spyral, who recruited her to learn Batman's identity, for which she created the Batwoman:
Kathy had certainly captured the Batman's interest:
and it wasn't long before she became a partner in both crimefighting and romance:
 But when it came time for her to deliver for Spyral she couldn't betray Bruce, so she broke his heart instead:
These events were all related as having happened in the past, and in the meantime Talia Al Gul, daughter of Ras Al Ghul, and mother to Damian Wayne, Batman's son and latest Robin, was attempting to take over the world. Having killed Damian and seemingly decimated Batman Inc, Talia had invaded the Batcave, where her battle with Bruce was cut short by a shot from:
Kathy Kane! Still alive, and still working for Spyral! Replaced many years later as a love interest by Talia, it seemed poetic in a way that she should bring about the woman's end. Also, Morrison's saga had bridged the pre- and post-Flashpoint DC Universes, and much fan outcry has been about the removal of Batgirls Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown from the New 52, which affected Batman Inc, which they had both taken a part in. Kathy (and her niece Betty) had suffered a similar fate, being the first Bat Females to have been put in limbo.
And perhaps Kathy still is? Time will tell. Grant Morrison told his story. And Kathy Kane got a decent tale after all these years.

Shayne Cureton By Greg Vaughan!

Chosen model Shayne Cureton photographed by Greg Vaughan!

The Two Doctor Lights!

DC Comics character Doctor Light began as a Green Lantern villain, eventually becoming an adversary for a number of DC heroes, and, after some run ins with the Teen Titans and the 80s era humorous Justice League, a bit of a joke. He was replaced by a female Doctor Light in the Crisis On Infinite Earths event:
but brought back by Brad Metzler in the Identity Crisis series where it was revealed that he had raped Elongated Man's wife, Sue Dibny, and had been 'lobotomized' into the less harmful version we later saw by Zatanna.
  In the New 52 DC Universe the male Doctor Light was introduced as a member of the Justice League Of America as cannon fodder for the big trigger of the Trinity Wars event, where Superman seemingly kills him, as recounted by Batman in the latest issue of The Phantom Stranger:
Batman and the Stranger are in a version of Purgatory looking for Light's recently deceased soul. We find out more about Light:
and his wife looks a bit like Kimiyo Hoshi, the female Doctor Light from the old DCU. The Stranger wants to bring Light back to the land of the living, but before he can, Light makes a request:
Fail they do, as the angel Zauriel returns Light to his afterlife:
But I'm betting that little gift for his wife will allow her to become the new Doctor Light. The issue was written by J.M. DeMatteis and drawn by Fernando Blanco.

Paul Koehler For Duvetica!

Sight model Paul Koehler photographed by Alessandro Bencini for Duvetica’s Fall Winter 2013-2014 Campaign.

Friday, August 09, 2013

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